La Jornada – They will install a 2 diabetes medical monitoring system


Starting in September, the Public Health Council (CSG) in Colima will launch the NCD Analysis System (SANENT) platform for outpatient medical monitoring of type 2 diabetes patients.

Monitoring patients with this tool will facilitate treatment adjustment as required and appropriate follow-up. For this, there will also be a mobile app that will allow people to rate their health self-care.

While signing the cooperation agreement between the CSG and the Colima Health Secretariat to initiate the “SANENT Project”, the Board Secretary, José Ignacio Santos Preciado, confirmed that it is a cross-cutting strategy whereby 500 patients from participating units will participate in the health services of the Colima Health Trust, the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS) and the Institute of Guarantee Social Services and State Workers (Issste), among others.

In front of Colima’s Minister of Health and Welfare, Letizia Guadalupe Delgado Carrillo, and Technical Secretary of the CSG, José Alberto Gómez Rodriguez, Principal Investigator of the project, Nelly Cisneros González, provide details of this pilot program that will start after that September and will last for one year. The initial phase will run from March to July 2021.

The patient’s medical monitoring is recorded in his electronic file, through which the results of laboratory tests, ECG, retinal review and other measurements are also monitored, in order to deal with potential complications with opportunity.

The noncommunicable disease analysis system (SANENT) platform integrates information from institutional, national and international sources, and focuses variables for calculating key indicators of medical care, with the aim of evaluating the medical care process for some chronic diseases from detection to disability and death.

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