La Nation / At least two dead and five wounded in Russian bombings in the Ukrainian region of Kherson

At least two people were killed and five wounded in Russian air strikes on the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, its governor announced Sunday. Kiev forces retook Kherson in November in a counterattack. Then the Moscow army withdrew to the left bank of the Dnieper.

Governor Yaroslav Yanushevich announced on his Telegram account that “the enemy has again attacked the residential areas of Kherson”. She added that the Russian army bombed a maternity hospital, a cafe and residential buildings.

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“Two people were killed overnight in Russian bombing” in the area, Janushevich said. He added that the total number was “45” and there were also five injuries. After Kiev recaptured the city in November, Russian forces bombed and destroyed key infrastructure. The governor explained that electricity was restored “at 90%.”

In Odessa, a city in the far west on the Black Sea, electricity has been restored “gradually”, though 300,000 people still do not have access, said district governor Maksim Marchenko. The authorities also reported “interruptions in the water supply” in some districts of the city.

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Source: Agence France-Presse.

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