La Paz Science Park: Enjoy the new Go Karts track

La Paz Science Park: Enjoy the new Go Karts track

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There is a new attraction in Texcocoeast Mexico City. around New Go Kart Park Where does one go to have fun? family or with friends. For this reason, the aforementioned place becomes a great attraction to go out and do something different on the weekend.

Live the experience in go kart track It’s a magical thing and we all have to do it at some point. At that, think of the smallest familyyou can experiment Speed to be on top trolley four wheels. Whereas, for adults, one can fantasize about oneself in some circles Formula 1without losing the sense of feeling like a kid, feeling like a favorite pilot.

Where is Texcoco Go Kart Park?

he New Go Kart Park located in Municipality of La Paz, State of Mexico. Also, on the trail vehicles Four wheels where one can enjoy the name Science ParkWhere there are vast green spaces, an open stage, viewpoints, a wishing well and a nursery. Then he said that a picnic with family or friends is more complete.

Leave the historic center of Mexico Cityto New Go Kart Park You should arrive in just over an hour and a half, depending on traffic or things that may pop up along the way.

Hours from the new Go Karts park in Texcoco

The announced schedule, that’s it families Or interested from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Submission is free. while to take advantage of Small race carapart from knowing Science Parkone should pay attention to the safety instructions.

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