One Hundred Cities of Science and Innovation

One Hundred Cities of Science and Innovation

Reaching nearly a hundred cities for science and innovation is an important milestone, knowing that getting to a hundred municipalities with this award on the next call is almost certainly a sign of discipline. Above all, upon the dissemination of the two concepts which give their name to this Testimony, which is, more than anything else, a push for the general development of the nation.

The effort of the municipal councils that put forward their candidacy, in this case more than a hundred people who have obtained the diploma, is not in vain. Lack of experience or ignorance in a subject is the first step to learning, and in this case, to understand that without that effort that the Ministry of Science and Innovation requires through network impulse, It is very likely that this will be reflected in the deterioration of the city in the medium and long term.

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Efforts to put in place a program to carry out various measures in pursuit of the betterment of citizens, municipal agencies, education and the company will surely be reflected in the history of those municipalities. For example, with an increase in employment, population and other series of opportunities that, fortunately, we can access with a certain ease, this does not mean that we often have to make an extra effort.

Distributed in three groups according to the population, it is necessary to draw attention to those with a population of less than 20,000 inhabitants, often far from large urban centers in terms of population and commercial dimension, an issue in which the spirit of citizens influences the attraction of new activities and the improvement of existing ones. Fortunately, technology covers all areas, including social ones, and it is not a secondary issue.

In this sense, we must congratulate the new cities whose proposals have been accepted and evaluated positively. Ten cities such as Algemesi, Castelldefels, Iran, Lugo, Puerto Real, Ruba Roja de Torre, Rubi, Sagunto, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Vitoria have developed a plan for improvement in the coming years, taking advantage of existing technology or several ideas that have emerged from the population.

To say that rich countries have a lot of innovation is too clichéd to say, even though the truth is that it is innovation that makes countries rich. But this is true and it is not enough to draw attention to the issue, especially when we have enough left to achieve equality among the nations around us.

Among the mentioned cities, there are many nuclei close to those large nuclei which we have not referred to and which are expanding their growth. However, it is also necessary to take advantage of the synergies that this proximity provides. The wider the circle, the sooner it will reach other municipalities which, in turn, are close to those endowed with the aforementioned characteristic. Administration should never lack public administrations and what we are talking about are opportunities. And often more than we think.

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