Lalo Camarena revealed how he learned of his dismissal from Televisa

Eduardo Camarena was fired from Televisa in 2019 (Photo: Facebook / VictorChairesCoria)

Eduardo Camarina he sports journalist of the recognized path. Throughout his career he was able to be present in novels Boxing ChampionshipsAnd world Cup of football And different sports. Camarena revealed how he left televised sports, the company he’s been working for since 1984. The dismissal was surprising, because it happened within two days without prior notice.

April 1, 2019 is the date that the athlete will remember for the rest of his life. During those dates, Televisa s Univision Join the ranks to give life to her TUDN As a global sports information project between United States and Mexico. At that time I loved historians and communicators Lalo Trellis, Raul Polo Ortiz and Raul SarmientoAmong others, they left what had been their home for so long. Historians were a hallmark of the television network, as they were regularly responsible for broadcasting Mexican football team matches and matches MX League.

from that way, Lalo Camarina has been invited by Javier Alarcon for your program in Youtube. graduate in Press and Communication by UNAM Explanation of how the day of the events was: It happened on April 1, 2019. he Date who – which I will never forget. A secretary spoke to me one day, who told me she had met with Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Vice President of Sports. I have no problem saying names.”

Lalo Camarena covered 600 boxing matches during his television career (Image: Twitter /AdrianaMonsalve)
Lalo Camarena covered 600 boxing matches during his television career (Image: Twitter /AdrianaMonsalve)

The spokesperson continued: I came to the meeting with this man. He greeted me warmly and told me he did it Bad News. The only argument he gave me was:Those who were before did everything to go bankrupt televised sportshe told me that They can no longer pay me. I never complained, never asked for matches or fights. I asked them how it would be administrative.”

When he got the news, he asked about his financial future: “I just asked him how we would be. He justified me that the previous managers were responsible for it. I wasn’t a plant, I was their own account. tell me that Televisa It was my home And that’s when I got hot that’s where Eduardo Camerina came out and I told him ‘´No cabr*n, this is not my house. They don’t run me out of my house´´”, the narrator emphasized.

Lalo Camarina He started his pininos implementation as an editor in Radio Televisa circa 1980: Later he became a reporter on the same series and started his role as a reporter in 1984. Little by little, he was climbing stairs and climbing the ladder until he became Deputy Managing Director of Televisa in 1994. By the beginning of the century it became head of information office MVS Sports s Fox Sports Mexico.

Lalo Camarena narrated just over five World Cups (Image: Twitter / @Carlos8Reinosos)
Lalo Camarena narrated just over five World Cups (Image: Twitter / @Carlos8Reinosos)

He has devoted his life to covering various world cups like Spain 82, 86- MexicoItaly 90, USA 94, France 98, Korea and Japan 2002, Germany 2006, South Africa 2010. He’s also covered over 600 boxing fights, so his experience has earned him a spot inside Televisa.

Camarina He commented that after leaving the ocean chain, he hadn’t thought of the world. Nor did he get in pain, because he always knew he had the foundations to fit into another sporting environment. The narrator began testing digital shows on YouTube. So it is now part of VIII where beside next to Oscar Guzman and Jorge Morita Leading the show on call.

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