According to the media, Boris Johnson attended a party during his first COVID-19 confinement


british prime minister, Boris Johnson, participated in a party with employees from his country Office. headquarters. center From Downing Street In May 2020, during the first confinement of the epidemic, according to an investigation published by newspapers today, Thursday.Watchman“Yes”independent“.

Join Johnson for 15 minutes in a social gathering with drinks Which gathered about 20 members from Personal after Press Conference The then Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, to report on the expansion of COVID-19, according to that media outlet.

At that point of pandemic, the strict regulations in force in England They just let individual encounters Between two people of different family nuclei in an outdoor space, maintaining a distance of at least two meters.

That same afternoon, the Health Secretary asked the British to “stay at home as much as possible” and pleaded with them: “Please follow the rules, watch your family and don’t take any risks.”

According to the sources cited,independentJohnson told one of those who attended this purported celebration that they deserved a drink to ‘fight back’ to the coronavirus.

In response to the allegations, a spokesman for the prime minister told the media that Johnson met Hancock and his team that day “briefly” in the park, an outdoor space that was “regularly” used for business meetings.

The Prime Minister went to his residence shortly after seven o’clock. The spokesman told the media that a small number of employees who had to work remained in Downing Street park during part of the afternoon and night.

This disclosure is the latest among several leaks about alleged violations of the restrictions against the epidemic by employees of the official office of the Prime Minister and people close to the government.

One of Johnson’s advisers, Allegra Stratton, resigned a week ago after a video was released acknowledging the existence of a “party” in Downing Street in December last year, despite the prime minister’s insistence that rules in place at the time were not broken. .

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Ex-Conservative candidate for mayor of London, Sean Bailey, resigned from his position on City Council this week after broadcasting a picture in which he appeared among a large group of people during a Christmas celebration in 2020, when the rules were in place. Prohibited meetings between people of different families.

The Metropolitan Police in London said in a statement that it does not currently plan to open an investigation into the alleged Downing Street celebrations during the final weeks of 2020, despite the “significant amount of material” released by the media about it.

“All materials have been subjected to a detailed study by investigators and do not provide evidence of a violation of health protection regulations,” the police said in a statement.

Instead, inquiries will take place into the party that Bailey attended on December 14, 2020 at the Conservative Party headquarters in London. Customers will call “two people who attended” this celebration, they came forward.

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