The ‘mysterious’ disease has already caused several deaths in South Sudan


The deaths were recorded in an area where it rained heavily and there was an oil spill in South Sudan

The World Health Organization (WHO) is investigating a A “mysterious” disease that killed 89 people in Fangak County, South Sudan.

The country’s health ministry reported dozens of deaths last week in Fangak, state of A . An area heavily affected by heavy rain this year.

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Health authorities apply tests to the dead and Preliminary results rule out cholera, so they don’t know why, says El Financiero.

aware of this, The World Health Organization sent a group of specialists To collect samples from patients.

Where did the deaths occur?

“We have decided to send a rapid response team to carry out the risk assessment and investigation,” WHO member Sheila Paya told the BBC in London.

Then they can collect it sick samplesBut the number we got provisionally is 89 dead.”

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According to Proxo, deaths from the “mysterious” disease have occurred in places where more than 700,000 people have been affected by severe flooding, the worst in more than 60 years.

because, Scientists had to arrive by helicopter in the region.

What are the symptoms of the “mysterious” disease?

Since October, the “mysterious” disease began to appear, and according to local media, symptoms appeared on him Diarrhea, high fever, joint pain and vomitingWeakness of the body and loss of appetite.

A health official in South Sudan indicated that the initial tests were negative for cholera.

How can the disease be transmitted?

In turn, County Commissioner Peter Bell stressed this It can be waterborne or related to oil spill taped to the affected area.

“The water is contaminated with what appears to be oil.”

“We still can’t know if the deaths are related to the recent oil explosion at Ewood or… Flood diseasesShe referred to the “Sudan Post”.

The South Sudanese Ministry of Health indicated that the majority of the 89 patients were Elderly and children.

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