Maduro says he met someone from the CIA recently


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday that he had recently met “someone” from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), although he did not reveal who or for what purpose.

“These days someone from the CIA came to see me (…) I won’t say what I talked to him,” the president said when visiting the Venezuelan International Tourism Fair (Vitvin).

Maduro said, “Every day I meet two or three delegations from all over the world (…) even people from the CIA come to see me, these days someone from the CIA came to see me. You know, right?” It operates in the state of La Guaira, about 40 minutes from Caracas by road.

Maduro refers to James Storey to liquidate the meeting

The Venezuelan president said that although it was a “secret” meeting, the US ambassador to Venezuela, James Storey, who is based in Bogota, revealed details of the CIA delegate’s visit to Caracas.

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“I won’t say what I talked to, they are the ones who broke the news, it was a secret meeting, but they took the plane, then they released the news, then announced, they don’t have a word, they say ‘let’s have a secret meeting’, we do it, and they take it out (publish it), ”slammed Maduro.

The Chavista president did not disclose the date of the meeting either.

He’s a mean guy, a bad guy who hates Venezuela,” said the president, who cut diplomatic ties with Washington in January 2019, after “James Storey in retaliation snapped the plane photos and got all the news.” The Donald Trump administration has recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as a responsible president along with fifty governments.

Conflict News Worldwide CNW’s Twitter account (Noticias de Conflictos en el Mundo) posted on December 7 that Phoenix Air’s flight N173PA (Ebola Jet), from Puerto Rico, “is about to land in Caracas.

Always according to the mentioned Twitter account, this airline is “associated with the CIA and other US government agencies.”

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The user of the account on the social network said that that plane was actually in Caracas in 2019 to support the team of the US Embassy in Venezuela during its evacuation.

It was the US that got the news

“They (the Americans) are the ones who got the news,” Maduro said, without providing further details.
“It was a secret meeting, but they boarded the plane and the news then announced,” he protested.

The Trump administration has maintained a direct confrontation with Maduro, whom it has called a “dictator,” has been bombarded with sanctions — including an oil embargo — and has ignored him as president since his re-election in 2018, after calling that election a “fraud.”

With Joe Biden in power, Maduro has been open to re-establishing dialogues with the United States.


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