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Continuing their tour of competitions in the US, Guanajuato runners Laura Galván and Fernando Cervantes have both competed remarkably well by setting records in their competitions.

‘Gacela de la Sauceda’ was introduced at the 1500-meter test of the ‘Sound Running Invite’, an event in California, with Guanajuato finishing third with a time of 4:08.14.

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With this record, Galvan Rodriguez beat the Mexican record in this test, the previous mark belonged to it and proved it at the Pan American Games in Lima 2019 when it scored 4: 10.53.

California’s podium finishes first with American Sinclair Johnson (4: 05.91), followed by Elise Crane (4: 06.23), another high-profile competitor was Hanna Green (4: 10.56) who finished fourth.

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On his part, Fernando Cervantes also had a multi-award winning business as he won a half marathon event at “The Woodland Marathon” in Texas.

Cervantes Caudillo dominated the Texas circuit and crossed the finish line at 1:03:55, setting a new record in the event, the previous record being 1: 04.03 and set by Kenyan Kiai Shadrak in 2013.

Both Guanajuato athletes competed a week earlier in the Texas Qualifiers in Austin, Texas. In this competition, Laura Galvan ran the 5000 and 1500 meters, while Cervantes also ran the 5000 meters.

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