Lava from Cumbre Vieja volcano consumes the pond of the Canary Islands

A drone captured the moment lava erupted from the volcano old summit, on the islands Canary Islands, consume a alberca in seconds. Photo: Reuters.

Drone images on Monday, September 20, showed lava old summitIt is located in La Palma, an archipelago of islands Canary Islands, in Spain, swallow a alberca and homes On the way to the coast: Videos spread on social networks.

The first volcanic eruption Canary Islands On the ground in 50 years, the authorities were forced to evacuate another part of the municipality of El Paso and La Palma, He urged tourists to attract them to the phenomenon to stay away. The alberca It is one of the many items that the volcano has disappeared old summit.

alberca disappear

  • People were evacuated from Takandi Alto on Monday and Tuesday
  • A new stream of lava flows from another eruption of the volcano old summit

About 6000 of the 80,000 people live there Canary Islands They had to leave their homes to escape the eruption of the volcano old summit. Drones Sent by the authorities arrested her The moment when alberca He disappeared through the lava.

volcano old summit It erupted on September 19, after La Palma, the far northwest of the island Canary IslandsIt was shaken by earthquakes in the past few days. It shoots lava hundreds of feet into the air, engulfs forests, and sends molten rock into the ocean, over sparsely populated areas.

old summit wanted alberca

  • No deaths or injuries were reported in Canary Islands

photo alberca, captured by drones, shows black lava cutting across a patch of landscape as it moves along the volcano’s western side old summit To the sea. Experts say that if lava reaches the sea, it will explode More explosions and gas clouds toxic;

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