Liam Neeson stars in ‘Blacklight’

Travis Block is the protagonist of “Black Light”, a government agent who uncovers a conspiracy directed against American citizens. (Trailer of a movie)

black light written by Nick May and take it out Mark WilliamsIn this movie, they tell a story Travis Block. He is a man with a job known as a “problem solver”, meaning he is responsible for helping undercover agents in FBI Who are involved in unpleasant circumstances. on the principle to forbid He’s the guy they call when there are serious and hard-to-resolve situations. On one of his missions, he discovers a conspiracy that puts his family’s life in danger. Therefore, to ensure that the villains’ plans are not carried out, he must return to his dark past, as well as embark on a mission to save his daughter and granddaughter.

Liam Neeson He heads this list of actors, in which actors like Aidan Quinn, Taylor John Smith, Amy Raver-Lampman, Claire van der Bom, Yael Stone, Tim Draxel, Georgia Flood, Caroline Brazier and Sunny S Wallia.

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Liam Neeson plays FBI agent Travis Block in “Black Light”. (photo courtesy)

This first trailer for the movie sees an overdose of action, a ton of weapons, many bare-knuckle fights, and good explosions. The plot revolves around the emotional part that the hero expresses when his family is kidnapped as a result of this discovery, in which the director of the government agency in which he works participates. Another essential aspect is seeing the character he’s playing Neesun He is haunted by a dark past that he seems to be trying to leave behind.

once again, Liam Neeson He is a dangerous man whose duties include eliminating agents who have been exposed in their missions, and it must be added that his daughter and granddaughter are threatened. black light will hit theaters United State On February 11, 2022, there is still no specific date for the first show in other cinemas around the world.

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