Life Fitness and cubolife collaborate to improve people’s health and well-being


Life Fitness has signed a partnership agreement as an official fitness equipment supplier for Cubolife. Life Fitness will supply the company with cardio and strength training equipment from its family of brands such as Life Fitness, ICG and Hammer Strength.

Gyms and connected gym units in Kobolife will be equipped with the highest quality Life Fitness equipment

Cubolife was born with the goal of innovation in the sports and wellness sector, and what better way to partner with Life Fitness, a global reference company in the field of sports machinery, thus providing our independent gyms with highly technological productsSaid Enrique Caschiro, CEO and Co-Founder of Cubolife. “This association aims to present a disruptive solution by which they can do sports anywhere and promote outdoor, but also indoor, and improve the traditional gym model. Connected fitness has another product to choose from, with Cubolife gyms equipped with Life Fitness“.

Through this association, Life Fitness and Cubolife wish to improve people’s well-being and health by making it easier to exercise anywhere. Whether in gyms, private homes, hotels, city halls or companies. In line with this purpose, Life Fitness and Cubolife offer companies a unique solution to combat the sedentary nature of the modern workplace and promote a healthy work environment.

One of the goals of this association is to remove barriers to movement during the workday by providing employees with the opportunity to train from their workplace.Dijo Fenne van den Hoeven, Marketing Director at Life Fitness Iberia y BLX.It is very important to bear in mind that wellness programs help increase worker productivity by reducing absenteeism, attendance and work stress, and help create a better work environment. ”

Both companies are committed to saving energy and not affecting the environment. Therefore, the cubes and their equipment can be supplied with 100% solar energy, and because they are mobile gyms they do not make any impact on the environment.

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