Lorena Rangel returns to the level of athletics in the United States

Injuries left Potosi’s Lorena Wrangel on her way to regaining her level in college athletics in the US, and the sample is the second and third place finish achieved at the LSU Alumno Gold held in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles.

Rangel Patrice, a student at Louisiana State University (LSU) participated in the 800-meter dash, which took second place, but the most important thing was that he clocked a time of 2 minutes, 5 seconds and 53 hundredths, his second personal best at that distance .

The three athletes who made it to the podium were: Chrisann Gordon Powell who was the winner 2:01.47; Lorena Rangel, LSU, 2:05 with her. 53 in second, and Hannah Carroll, LSU, 2:07.31.

Notably, Louisiana State University topped nine podiums with its athletes in various tests, two of which were contributed by the athlete from San Luis Potosi.

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