Luis Garcia Berlanga already has a “posthumous star” in Hollywood

Luis Garcia Berlanga already has a “posthumous star” in Hollywood

Spanish Luis Garcia Berlanga Received an award this weekend with A ‘Posthumous Star’ on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Hollywood To commemorate his adventure through the Mecca of cinema on the centenary of the director’s birth.

An unofficial and commemorative initiative, baptized as ‘Berlanga in Hollywood, promoted by Spanish entities Valencia Cultural Point and Ultramarine Cultural Lab.

As part of this recognition, other activities to appreciate the filmmaker’s time in Los Angeles were also promoted; Like handing a single figurine, which Actor Manu Badenes was greeted as Berlanga himself From the entrance to the legendary Chinese theater in Hollywood.

The Valencia manager traveled to Los Angeles on April 5, 1962 to Attending the 34th Edition of Oscar Running with tape “calm” Award for Best Foreign Language Film. An award not finally received.

Now, in the context of the centenary of his birth, these two free days were held which mark the conclusion of an annual honorary program that he also had Funding from Valencia City Council and Valencia year (Regional government).

This commemoration of the Berlanguian adventure has also entailed a Director’s photo gallery in Los Angeles On loan from the Hollywood Academy.

Purification His reception in the United States, as well as his stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel These are some of the moments captured that can be remembered through the 1962 footage.

So Berlanga coincided with devoted historical filmmakers in Hollywood like King Fedor, William Wheeler, Billy Wilder, Frank Capra or Fred Zinman.

In addition, “Berlanga en Hollywood” on Sunday gave a book presentation seminar “A Quiet Journey to Hollywood. Luis Garcia Berlanga with an American Key”Written by Luis Alberto Cabezon.

To conclude the movie, “Plácido” was shown and the audience in the United States enjoyed a traditional movie A paella dish cooked by a Valencian chef.

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