Luis Gilberto Murillo has been appointed Colombia’s ambassador to the United States

Tuesday 12 July 2022

The ambassador-designate, in addition to being a former vice presidential candidate, served as Minister of the Environment for the state of Juan Manuel Santos.

Continuing to submit new government announcements. Recently, the President-elect, Gustavo Pietro, appointed the former Environment Minister who was Sergio Fajardo’s vice president formula, Luis Gilberto Murillo, as Colombia’s new ambassador to the United States.

Murillo, who after the results of the first round joined the campaign of the then candidate Gustavo Petro, the new head of state during the second round along with other political leaders, especially Afro-sectarians.

The previous candidate for vice president is a mining engineer from Moscow State University, Russia, with a master’s degree in engineering sciences. In his political life, Murillo began his career in the government of Cesar Gaviria, who appointed him director of the Choco Development Corporation (Kodishoku). Later, in the office of the Mayor of Antanas Mockus in Bogotá, he held the position of Director in charge of the Administrative Department of the Environment.

Later, and more specifically in 1997, Murillo was elected governor of Chocó, however, he was forced to leave his post due to the poor number of votes. In 2012, Murillo was again elected governor of that district. And again, he was forced to leave his post due to his conviction for the crime of embezzlement.

The North American country is not new to Murillo, because in 2000, he had to take refuge in that country due to various threats from paramilitary blocs. During his stay, he has been involved as an international political analyst and has undertaken various assignments in leadership and economic development.

In addition, during the government of Juan Manuel Santos, Murillo served as Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development from May 9, 2016 to August 7, 2018.

Gustavo Pietro announced Murillo’s appointment as head of the US Embassy through his social networks. “Luis Gilberto Murillo, Afro from Choco, will be our ambassador to the United States,” he wrote.

Luis Gilberto Murillo, Afro from Choco, will be our ambassador to the United States.

Gustavo Petro (@petrogustavo) 12 July 2022

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