Luisito Comunica cannot travel to Europe due to Sinovac – Noticieros Televisa


Luisito . communicates He shared a video on Friday letting his followers know that he and his father were stranded Turkey Because at Istanbul airport they were not allowed to board a flight to France. Reason? The father of YouTube has not been immunized with adequate antiviral vaccine.

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In a Luisito Comunica video posted on July 2, YouTuber announced that they will be making a flight with several stops across the European Union, but at Istanbul Airport they are not allowed to board their stop due to health reasons.

The YouTuber said that he and his father had already been vaccinated, but the father had received a vaccine of Chinese origin Sinovac, which has not previously been declared European Medicines Agency (EMA). The only vaccines licensed by the agency so far are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

According to the flight restrictions to France, entry depends on the traveler’s country of origin and whether or not they have been vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated, you can only enter with EMA-authorized vaccines, or else you will face the same confusing problem as Luisito Comunica.

The YouTuber and his father chose to stay a few days in Istanbul and then experience Serbia, a country that does not have the same travel restrictions as the rest of Europe, as it is not officially part of the European Union yet.

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