Dodgers. The bomber visits the White House dressed as a mariachi


Los Angeles Dodgers In the White House by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, for him World Series Championship They got it in October 2020.

Los Angeles players have Arrogant in photos and videos on social networks From your visit to the Washington, D.C. campus and is Bowler Joe Kelly, who stole the spotlight.

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Los Angeles relief jug He attended the ceremony with a bag of mariachi that he exchanged a few days ago with A Music at Dodger Stadium; Share one of his shirts.

Kelly, 33, showed her appreciation for tricolor culture His mother, Andrea Valencia, She is Mexican.

Sad Angelenos Six games for the Tampa Bay Rays In the last world championship to end with 32 years of untitled drought.

Dodgers They are in the American capital to face a series of four duels against the “Nats”; Angelino won yesterday (6-2) In the first meeting, which concluded in the sixth inning due to complications from the weather.

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