a step- Once again, the rains caused flooding in various parts of the city, with a critical point near the junction of the Railroad and Diana Street in northeast El Paso.

The afternoon rain and water build-up caused several vehicles on the said route to be cut off, diverting traffic to Spur 601 due to severe flooding.

Faced with the impossibility of passing through this sector, authorities diverted traffic to US-54, causing a long line of vehicles to seek to move out of the flooded area.

Likewise, the Fred Wilson Bridge and South Gateway in the Northeast were closed to traffic due to another flood, the Texas Department of Transportation reported.

El Paso’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) issued a flash flood warning Thursday afternoon that included West, East, Northeast, Central and Far East in El Paso; With an alert that included Mission Valley, Chaparral, Fort Bliss, Fort Bliss Northeast, Biggs Field, Montana Vista, Homestead Meadows and Franklin Mountains areas, in an alert that remained at press time.

Motorists are advised to avoid crossing flooded roads and paths and to avoid leaving their homes if it is not absolutely necessary.

The National Weather Service, in its El Paso office, issued a warning about strong water currents that run down the slopes of the Franklin Mountains in streams and canyons.

The urgent recommendation is for everyone to stay away from the mountainsides and trails, where the water level can rise quickly and move fast enough to pull people and cars.

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