Lula expresses to Maduro his concerns about tensions with Guyana’s Grupo Milenio

Lula expresses to Maduro his concerns about tensions with Guyana’s Grupo Milenio

brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaHe took advantage of a phone call he received today, Saturday, from his Venezuelan counterpart, Nicolas MaduroTo express South American concern about the growing tension resulting from the conflict with Guyana Through the area Essequibo.

The Brazilian progressive leader informed mature “The growing concern of South American countries over the Essequibo issue; he explained the terms of the declaration on the subject that was approved Thursday at the conference Mercosur summitThe Brazilian presidency stated in a statement that the Brazilian President reminded him of the long tradition of dialogue in Latin America and that we are a zone of peace.

The Brazilian governor, who had always been an important ally of the Venezuelan, approached him Accept mediation Which can be carried out by the current interim president of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (celac), Ralph GonsalvesPrime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Lola “He advocated dialogue and suggested that the current president of CELAC address the matter with both parties,” the statement read.

The Brazilian Head of State also confirmed his readiness to do so Brazil To support and accompany all initiatives to try Peaceful solution Of the differences.

“Lula stressed the importance of avoiding unilateral actions that lead to escalation of the situation,” the memo concluded.

On Thursday at the request of the Brazilian and during Mercosur summit In Rio de Janeiro, the presidents of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay and Uruguay issued a declaration They urged Venezuela and Guyana to avoid “unilateral measures.” In the midst of growing tension between the two countries over control of Essequibo, which Caracas aspires to annex it.

The leaders expressed their “deep concern about the escalation of tensions” between Venezuela and Guyana. “They warned of unilateral measures that should be avoided because they increase tension.”“Urging the two parties to dialogue and search for a peaceful solution to the dispute to avoid unilateral initiatives that may lead to its aggravation.”

Maduro’s government has campaigned to integrate Venezuela into the map Jungle area in EssequiboIt has an area of ​​160,000 square kilometers under its control GuyanaRich in oil and minerals, which Caracas has claimed for more than a century.

After the referendum held on Sunday, in which the vast majority of Venezuelans expressed their desire to turn Eskivo into a Venezuelan province, Maduro presented an action plan that includes granting… Oil exploitation licenses And Military deployment In areas close to the disputed area.


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