MacroMARSS is performed in the emergency area of ​​Family Medicine Unit No. 222 in Toluca


This unit will provide care for patients with respiratory illnesses in the downtown Toluca area (Image: Private).

This unit will provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in order to identify patients suspected of having COVID-19 in a timely manner. To speed up the service, a QR code has been implemented at the entrance so that people answer a questionnaire about symptoms and determine if they have coronavirus data.

If symptoms appear, The candidate’s doctor will determine if a rapid test will be performed: if it is negative, the person can go home with symptomatic treatment; If the result is positive, your doctor will assess whether you should treat your illness at home or seek hospital care.

For patients requiring emergency non-respiratory care They will be able to go to Continuing Medical Care Services for Family Medicine Units (UMF) No. 223, Lerma; UMF No. 231, Metepec; UMF No. 248, San Mateo Atenco; UMF No. 249, Tlaxomulco and UMF No. 250, Toluca, As well as in emergency services at Regional General Hospitals (HGR) No. 220, in Toluca, and HGR No. 251, in Metepec.

The State of Mexico Poniente IMSS reported that It has the necessary infrastructure to provide the service to its beneficiaries, However, it is critical not to lower our guard and double down on health measures: correct use of mask, hand hygiene, etiquette for coughing or sneezing, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, maintaining a healthy distance, and minimizing social mobility to break chains of infection.

Remember that too The COVID 3.0 worker permit is available online, It allows delivery of coronavirus disease receipt from home, without the need to go to MARSS.



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