Maduro agrees to establish a center for regenerative medicine in Venezuela

Maduro agrees to establish a center for regenerative medicine in Venezuela

CARACAS, August 24 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday approved the creation of the National Center for Regenerative Medicine that will work with the country’s public hospitals in caring for patients with burns or fractures, among others.

“Then the National Center for Regenerative Medicine was approved to bring these benefits to the accelerated pace possible (…) so that the burned and the broken all have their benefits and we can also move forward,” Maduro said during a meeting with the scientists, broadcasted by the state channel Venezuela de Television (VTV). .

The president explained that the center will be established through the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC) and will work to prepare doctors and scientists in the field of cellular medicine.

Likewise, he praised local scientific research and emphasized that professionals in this field have the support of the executive branch to develop work applied to food production, health, education and other sectors.

“You get all the support for this perpetual day of research on science, innovation and technology applied to health and life and its application to food, toxin-free food production, healthy food and how we should produce,” he noted.

On the other hand, the President announced that his country is preparing for a five-day joint scientific exhibition with Iran, although he did not specify the date or other details about the activity.

“In the next few days, the international exhibition of the scientific, industrial and technological alliance between Iran and Venezuela will be opened. More than 300 high-tech and high-science companies and their products from the Islamic Republic of Iran come to Venezuela,” he continued.

On June 20, Maduro ordered his economic cabinet to “immediately design, start and install” a “twinn” technological industrial zone with Iran to develop food, health and education.

Then the president confirmed that Iran had agreed with his government to “transfer” all its knowledge for the “comprehensive development” of the proposed topics within the industrial zone.

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