Magnetic storm caused by maximum solar flare reaches Earth

Magnetic storm caused by maximum solar flare reaches Earth


November 1, 2021 00:33 GMT

The effect on the Earth’s magnetic field was the G1 level, which is considered weak.

Magnetic storm, caused by extreme solar flare Found This Thursday, the earth felt this Sunday, mentioned Russian Laboratory of Solar X-ray Astronomy (LPI).

According to LPI charts, storm conditions have arrived a Level G1Therefore, the effect on the Earth’s magnetic field is considered weak. The storm began to rise at around 12:00 (GMT) and lasted for about three hours.

Magnetic storms are categorized by letters and numbers according to their level of severity and our star’s intensity cycle. Those at level G1 are weak And It can cause some electrical problems; G2 is Moderate, which could cause interference The radio and changes the paths of some satellites, while the G3, G4 and G5 are High density Its ultimate effects include reduced shortwave communications and GPS.

Regarding future storm forecasts, the LPI Confirms That’s in the next 27 days It will not be produced again There is no effect on the Earth’s magnetic field. The probability of this happening in the next three days is small: 25%, 5% and 1%. Straight.

  • A powerful solar eruption was detected on Thursday on the surface of the sun, an event classified as Max degree On the scale measuring the activity of our star. The glow was strong enough to temporarily cause a strong radio dimming on the sunlit side of the Earth.

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