This is the meaning of the numbers and letters of the MIUI version for your Xiaomi phone


Don’t know what the MIUI version numbers and letters of your Xiaomi phone mean? Don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you below.

xiaomi It is one of the mobile manufacturers More devices are sold all over the world, whether of its parent brand or its independent brand, redmi and few. All these stations share the same customization layer, MIUI, which is currently going through Version 12.5.

We are already telling you How to keep MIUI version up to date and always keep it up to dateHowever, before you update to any new version of the Xiaomi software layer, we think it is important for you to know What the MIUI version numbers and letters mean for your Xiaomi phone, because this information will allow you to find out if we have the appropriate version installed on our smartphone and also Choose the correct ROM if you have to install it manually.

But the first thing we have to do before we start explaining the meaning of numbers and letters in MIUI version is to remind you How to know which version of MIUI you have installed in your device.

To find out just what you have to Follow these simple steps:

  • get to Settings from our smartphone.
  • Click the option Over the phone, which appears at the top, just below the search box.
  • Once inside, we see a section called MIUI version This is where the information we were looking for will appear.

We explain in detail what the numbers and letters of the MIUI version of Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mean

What do MIUI version numbers mean?

The numbers accompanying the MIUI version provide us with information about three specific parameters: MIUI version (11, 12, 12.5), update version and ROM version.

MIUI version example

If you look at the picture that we left for you in these lines, which will serve as an example, the first number tells us that MIUI version is 12The second number tells us that The update version is 5 Finally, the remaining numbers tell us that ROM version is 13.0.

What is the meaning of the words MIUI version?

In the MIUI version, in addition to these numbers, we find a set of characters that will help us complete the information in the ROM. a) yes, The first letter tells us which version of Android it is based on, the second and third letters show us which device this version is targeting, The next two tell us which region you belong to Finally, the sixth and seventh letters indicate the developer of this program.

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If we use the image we left a little above above as an example, the first letter that appears is a NS It indicates that our ROM depends on Android 11, since each Android version has the character assigned to it, for example, the character s Compatible with Android Pie And the message The With Android Lollipop.

the second and third letters, kilowattTell us about it This version of MIUI is intended for a Xiaomi 11 T E, as in the previous case, each set of characters corresponds to a series of terminals of the Chinese brand. So, for example, the letters kilobytes Compatible with Xiaomi Mi 11 and messages JB For Xiaomi Mi 10.

MIUI 12.5 Euro . Interface

MIUI 12.5 is the latest version of Xiaomi’s personalization layer

the next two letters, ITell us that this ROM Belongs to the European regionA version of MIUI has been released in several different regions. In this sense, each MIUI update can have up to three different versions depending on the region: EU for European version, CN for Chinese version and MI for global version.

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Finally, the last two letters, XMIt corresponds with the developer who created this version of MIUI and in this case, how could it be otherwise, This is Xiaomi. Although there are some cases where phone operators They install custom versions of MIUI on the terminals that they sell to their users. Thus, we can find the letters VF which belong to British company Vodafone.

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