Mahoney Sir predicts aliens will arrive in 2021: video


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Mhoni Vidente has managed to go viral againThis is because in social networks they saved someone Fortune teller warnings to mankind this year. It comes to a prophecy that Confirms the arrival of aliens on our planet in 2021 According to her, they will be guides for humanity to conquer the entire universe.

In the video that the astrologer shared on her YouTube channel, Seir warns of several thingss, like earthquakes, a new disease will appear in Africa, as well as the arrival of creatures from other worlds to Earth.

“People from other parts of the world will start descending all over the world,” says the seer. “You can call them whatever you want: beings from other places, beings from another dimension, beings outside the planet.”

As he said, these organisms will not be concentrated in one place, because they will simultaneously reach different parts of the world.

“They will be seen in many countries and people will start watching them,” he said.

The strangest thing about the prophecy is that these extraterrestrial beings will not be a problem for humanity, on the contrary, they will reveal great secrets of the universe and help us colonize other places outside our planet, according to the astrologer, they will be a kind of “guide” to humanity.

He said: “They will approach man to start directing them to a different world, to a better world. Man will leave the earth for the entire universe.”


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