Maria Reina Barcenas Hurtado, President of the Federal Medical Colleges of Morelos

Maria Reina Barcenas Hurtado, President of the Federal Medical Colleges of Morelos

This afternoon, Maria Reina Barcenas Hurtado protested as president of the Group of Federal Medical Schools in Morelos AC.

In an interview, the doctor decided to reveal more specific information about the operation of the IMSS-Well-Well program.

During the ceremony, the leader stated that there is a willingness to cooperate with institutions to improve the health of the population, but called on state and federal authorities to report on the scope of the said strategy.

Former Federal Minister of Health, former Dean of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), José Naro Robles, protested against this new commission, made up of Barcenas Hurtado, as well as Secretary Roman Acevedo Barba. Adriana Salgado Arriaga, Treasurer; Svetlana Tkachenko, Public Relations Officer; Yolanda Chavez Baños, in affiliation profile and Pablo Aurel Morales, in education, among others.

In an interview, Barcenas Hurtado also pointed out that there are various deficiencies in the health sector, such as doctors and supplies, and pointed out that current times pose new challenges in the field of health, such as the Covid-19 epidemic and other high prevalence diseases, such as cervical cancer, and the problems of Cardiovascular and diabetes, among others.

Similarly, on behalf of his union, he said that they are not satisfied with Cuban doctors coming to work in Mexico, because there are Mexican specialists with excellent academic preparation to fill those places.

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