Martin Moyes, widow of the president of Haiti publishes the audio recordings

The assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise by armed guerrillas has exacerbated the political and social crisis in the Caribbean country. Photo: AFP

Martin MoyesWife, now Widow of the President of Haiti On Saturday morning, he published an audio recording in which he said he was “alive” and also released political messages.

Although the message Posted from the widow’s verified Twitter account, later a spokesman gOberno Haiti She confirmed her health to an American news agency.

The Two-minute and twenty-second recording, Martin Moyes He talked about the armed attack and that those responsible for it were mercenaries, and he mentioned that as well The attack was linked to the president’s desire to hold a referendum to approve a new constitution.

“You know who the president was fighting against. They sent mercenaries to assassinate the president inside, with his whole family, because he wanted roads, water, elections and the end-of-year referendum, they assassinated him so that there would be no transition in the country.”

Martin Moyes

Martin Moyes was taken to a hospital in Miami

attack him The president is in his own home, in which his wife, Martin, was injured, and Haiti was drowned, Already plagued by the crisis, in a state of uncertainty.

She was initially treated at a local hospital and then flown to Miami, where she was treated at the hospital, according to US media. Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Claude Joseph, the interim president of Haiti, said in the evening that the first lady I am out of danger And his condition was “stable”.

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