Martinez Almeida opens Mutua Madrid Open for Novak Djokovic: ‘It would be a great claim’


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Jose Luis Martinez Almeida open the door for Novak Djokovic to reach Mutua Madrid Open. Mayor of the capital Spain He made it clear that their entry into the country would depend on governmentHowever, with his status as number one in the tennis world, he indicated that it would be a “big claim” to the tournament that he could finally attend. Serbian expelled from Australia For not being vaccinated, this Monday also received a change of standards in France To be able to go to Roland Garros.

“It should not be ignored that Djokovic remains number one in the world, and with the rest of the great personalities who attended the Mutua Madrid Open, he is in great demand to ensure the tournament is a success with the audience he usually has. With regard to his entry into Spain, it will be the government that will have to decide That. Regarding his tennis virtues, no one doubts that he is number one and if he could come it would be a huge claim,” criticized the mayor of Madrid.

The PP’s national spokesperson also leaves it up to the government “to say at the time whether it meets the entry criteria”, but noted how important the most important tournament was in Spain, “despite what happened in Australia and in France”, the world’s number one. . In the tournament posters announcing its playing dates scattered around the capital, the Serb can be seen as the main image.

Novak Djokovic upon his arrival in Serbia from Australia.


The tennis player is still unsure of his new schedule after being unable to play the Australian Open. He knows that without a vaccine he won’t be able to play in the US or in France in two other big ways and that it has to be done in WimbledonThey will have to overcome a confinement of several days. Djokovic He arrived in Serbia on Monday and will take several days to rethink his future. Taking into account his letters and those of his relatives, he does not plan to change his mind regarding vaccination.

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Elizabeth Rodriguez He supported the Australian authorities’ decision to expel Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic from Australia for failing to vaccinate him and stated that they “did what they should: defeat denial”. In addition, against the mandatory vaccination that has been imposed in some countries such as Austria, the spokeswoman emphasized that Spain has responded “like any other country” to vaccines, as 90% of the population has been vaccinated, so it “cannot be compared to the administration in other countries”.

in an interview in VIThe minister has opposed the values ​​that she imprints Rif Nadal To Djokovic’s position that he “has no” and said that by firing the Serbian tennis player the administrations had overcome “a vaccine denial to appreciate the solidarity”. “Sport is also values,” she quipped every time the Serbian player actually arrived in Belgrade after losing a legal battle for not being vaccinated.

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