Martinez excelled during his participation in Atlanta, USA


Guatemalan swimmer Luis Carlos Martinez maintains an impressive pace this season, in the 100 meters butterfly, after finishing third in the final event last weekend, during the 2021 Mizuno Atlanta Classic.

Martinez, who qualified for the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, finished third in the Atlanta final with a time of 51:75 seconds, just below the Olympic and world medalist, American Kailip Dressel (51:15) and Tom Shields (51:55).

Following this result, UANA shed light on Martinez’s work and the fact that this is the tenth time he has swam without an Olympic mark A (51:96 sec).

“Nobody in CCAN said 52 seconds and Martínez has already done so ten times,” UANA highlighted on its page.

Luis Carlos, runners-up of America at the 2019 Lima Games, slipped one-tenth of the time he reached the podium a month ago, in the TYR Pro Swim Series at Mission Viejo, California, in the same test.

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