Martinoli, Luis Garcia and Zag swept Mexico’s rankings against Guatemala

Martinoli, Luis Garcia and Zag swept Mexico’s rankings against Guatemala
(Photo: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)

The tour has begun Mexican national team In the United States with the first friendly match In view of Guatemala; At the same time the fight began to get the largest number of evaluation On TV stations that broadcast matches tripartite. this time Aztec TV Once again bypassing historians TUDN.

Although programming Televisa launched a campaign of fire Enrique dog Bermudez coverage of the World Cup, Christian MartinoliAnd Luis Garcia s Louis Robert Alves deceived They outperformed the experienced historian and earned the highest scores from viewers who followed Ajusco’s signal to watch the match live.

David Medranocommentator for Aztec Sportswas responsible for sharing the score obtained by his TV station while broadcasting Mexico vs Guatemala; Out of a total of 10.5 overall rating points scored from Duel tricolorand Martinoli’s novel female doctor Garcia came to a Rating 5.8.

Martinoli and Luis Garcia overtook Peruvian Bermúdez's novel at TUDN (Image: Instagram/@cmartinolimx)
Martinoli and Luis Garcia overtook Peruvian Bermúdez’s novel at TUDN (Image: Instagram/@cmartinolimx)

that it narrators Aztec Sports they crossed dog Bermudas by 1.1 points From rating then TUDN Recorded a total of 4.7, according to data from Nielsen Ibope. This was determined by David Medrano on his official Twitter account:

“Open communication rating

Mexico vs Guatemala.

Channel 5 – 4.7

Aztec 7 – 5.8

Total 10.5

Source: Nielsen Ibope

(Photo: Twitter / @medranoazteca)
(Photo: Twitter / @medranoazteca)

Although it was a friendly match, and not an official one from the history of FIFA, the fans who follow the Mexican national team preferred to listen to the match through Signal Aztec TV.

In the sports broadcast by the Ajusco signal, there was no participation Jorge Camposanother of the usual historians of Aztec SportsThen The Brody Attended the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions Leaguewhere he was responsible for presenting the Concachampions Cup on the field.

Already on the field, the national team presented a substitute team with football players who are not usually called up on official dates; Among the names that attracted attention was the presence of Marcelo FloresArsenal FC player.

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