Marvel Studios and the box office, once again ‘everything once (almost) everywhere’

Marvel Studios and the box office, once again ‘everything once (almost) everywhere’

Obviously, it was no surprise to anyone,”Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessIt reached its premiere all over the known universe… with the exception of Russia and China. Roughly, her global total in five days is about $450 million (always), 185 of which are in 4,534 theaters in the US and none in Russia and China, the last country where MCU members don’t seem to be anymore.

A new success for Marvel Studios. A little. Obviously, as in the movie itself, surprising no one, and even if it were, it least filled the file before it was a success in its own right.

Success like for example is “Every time everywhere‘, in this case somewhat less expected and more fun. Thanks to word of mouth and her massive week-to-week upkeep, Daniels’ film total totaled 41.5 million, making it the fourth highest-grossing A24 film in its history. For now.

Soon it exceeded 44 million hereditaryand has approximately 49 “Ladybug” and 50 of ‘rough diamonds’the indicated data Only for the United States.

And anyway, that’s all for now in this universe. Well, almost everything: just to add (or remember) that it was released this weekend also in some Spanish cinemas’red rocket, a film also distributed by A24 in the United States and is very noteworthy. ejaculate.

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