Match fines will be imposed on Tlaxcala State Institute of Science and Technology

The plenary session of the LXIV local legislature concluded a series of reforms and additions to the Science and Technology Act to establish that the Tlaxcalteca Institute withholding elections, for sanctions imposed by the national authority in terms of its powers, to the policy parties, to the Tlaxcalteca State Institute of Science and Technology.

The legislators approved the proposal made by legislator Alejandra Ramirez Ortiz at the time, by which they seek to activate the funding of that body, which, since its normative creation, in December of 2011, has not been operated by the said institute and which lacks funding.

In accordance with the reforms, the Science and Technology Law should promote the integration and operation of the state science and technology system, promote the scientific and technological development of the country, strive to achieve better living standards and stable prospects for improvement, in social and economic aspects, taking into account the objectives set forth in national and state programs, and strive to The activity of researchers, scientists and all persons devoted to its dissemination and dissemination shall be among the investments applied to scientific and technological development. , receives a better salary and is increasingly recognized, so that the participation of a greater number of scientists, technologists and academics in this activity is strongly encouraged, as well as their association with the productive sector of the state and society.

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In addition, the reform stipulates that the Institute of Science and Technology of the State of Tlaxcala is a decentralized public body of the public administration of the state, the purpose of which is to promote, encourage and promote science and technology in the state.

The aforementioned example will have the responsibility to support the executive and legislative authorities, and the presidencies of the municipalities that make up the entity, in defining, preparing, implementing and evaluating local policies for the development of science, technology and innovation and promoting, coordinating and contributing to the development of public and private actions in this regard.

The legacy of the Institute will be combined, among other things, by the deductions made by the Tlaxcaltica Electoral Institute (ITE), for the penalties imposed by the National Authority in terms of its powers, which, according to official information from the Electoral College, add up to 7 million and 284 1,437.03 pesos in fines and resources subject to the authority of the state executive.

For this reason, the deputies decided, in the decree approved by a majority of votes, to inform the president that the institute already had enough in the budget, “to appoint the Director General of the Institute of Science and Technology of the State of Tlaxcala within its powers.”

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Legislator Ramirez Ortiz thanked the support of her peers, and assured that the LXIV local legislature will contribute to the improvement of the country’s development. “It is a historic day for science because it generates a life of prosperity and economic development, thus rewarding the work of researchers,” he said.

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