UAEM Medical School Physically Active – El Sol de Cuernavaca

UAEM Medical School Physically Active – El Sol de Cuernavaca

The Sports Directorate of the Autonomous University of Morelos State University of the United Arab Emirates, under the supervision of LEF Alvaro Reyna Reyes, as part of the scheduled activities, is carrying out physical activity with students from the Faculty of Medicine, with the aim of promoting physical culture and sports within the highest university house.

The physical activity conducted within the spaces of the various academic units comes to strengthen the integrated development of the students and contributes to their health condition with an impressive physical structure that greatly helps in the development of their studies.

With routines consisting of joint movements, Zumba, Yoga and Crossfit, this activity is developed and directed by the University Sports Technicians, who professionally motivate and direct the students.

Students do everything in their power to be healthy, because this is the basis for any activity, including studying and playing their favorite sport, so they have proven themselves well.

Finally, the Department of Sports invites other academic units to join the following physical activities with the aim of enabling all students to develop in any field of sports and health, which are priority topics for the UAE.

Already in the sports facilities of the student and sports complex, qualifying rounds of national universities are held, which attracts all residents of the university.

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