It is necessary to exercise after discharge from the hospital – El Sol de Hidalgo

It is necessary to exercise after discharge from the hospital – El Sol de Hidalgo

Physical activation after infection with Covid-19 aims to “strengthen the diaphragm and chest muscle” after spending seven days at rest after unloading, and a gradual regression begins, but “first, you have to go to the doctor for a lung examination”, recommended a nutrition expert graduated from the UAE United Arab Emirates and accredited by the Mexican College of Dietitians, Quetzalli Contreras Fernández.

He noted that the consequences are chest pain, lack of strength, cognitive impairment, lack of concentration, poor memory and sleep, so “continuous gradual rehabilitation” is needed.

After unloading, a seven-day rest is proposed and a gradual regression begins, in the first two days “slight movements”; Later, he divided the exercise period into four phases, in the first two phases applied to stretching, and five minutes of yoga, as an option.

And he concluded his speech by introducing resistance and aerobic exercise in the third and fourth exercises, focusing on balance and strength, and “continued with walking and jogging.”

The most important thing, he said, and “for all ages,” is that they add 150 minutes a week, “to avoid a sedentary lifestyle,” which will improve heart and respiratory system, sleep quality, reduce anxiety, improve mood and optimistic stress. .

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In addition, brain health will improve, heart disease and weight gain will decrease, as well as a stronger immune system.

He reported that it is clear that you should include a nutritious diet based on not abusing sugar, fats and artificial foods.

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