They prepare an exhibition of modern art with technology and science – La Voz de la Frontera

They prepare an exhibition of modern art with technology and science – La Voz de la Frontera

The exhibition of modern art equipped with technology and science

Art, innovation, technology, science, and the visual arts, as well as audiovisual, come together in a contemporary experience.

This is a contemporary art duo reunion that will take place in Sol del Niño where artists from Mexico, the United States and Spain will present their visions on climate change, culture and technology.

Visual artist Pablo Castaneda will perform live during the opening, and illustrator Marco Miranda will display his first work in augmented reality.

Everything will be seasoned with Malabé music and Caro Limón in an atmosphere of technology that can only be seen at opening.

Among the artists is Claudia Rodriguez of Guadalajara. Marco Miranda, Pablo Castaneda and Sebastian Beltran of Mexicali; Irma Sophia Potter by Techati; Daniel Roanova and Millie Barrajan of Tijuana; Marcus Lutyens, Luciana Abbet and Jane Szabo from Los Angeles; Andrea Juan and Gabriel Pinedo of Spain and Alfredo Di Stefano of CDMX, sponsored by Marisa Caicciolo.

The exhibition aims to present new trends in contemporary art, supported by the University of Guadalajara Museum of Art, UABC College of Art, Building Bridges, Museum of Environmental Sciences, where they promise to have levels like the great sunsets in Phoenix or San Diego.

Opening will be expensive, but from April 9 to May 9 admission will be free, only with access to the Sol del Niño Museum, where children and adults can wander and enjoy, as well as some short films included on Imax screens.

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