Mayan Journey | Yucatan | Jairo Magana

Mayan Journey |  Yucatan |  Jairo Magana

The Carrera de Color 5K Run will once again dye a carnival of joy when the starting shot is given on Tuesday, February 21st at 8:00 am, they announced at a press conference with the organizers of PR Producciones and the Mayor’s Office of Campeche through the Directorate for Social Development and the Sub-Directorate for Sport.

In a gourmet pizzeria in Plaza Galerias, the 5 km race presentation was presented to the media by Octavio Duron Martínez, Director of Public Relations Production Operations, accompanied by José Angel Sosa Castillo, Tourist Events Coordinator, and Javier Aguilar Diaz, Sports Coordinator of the Sports Subdirectorate of the Office Mayor of Campeche.

José Ángel Sosa Castillo noted that Mayor Pepe Rabelo de la Torre promoted events that could help revitalize the economy, and that the Carnival of Campeche is one of them, which is why this race that has not been held for five years returns “today” we come to add it to the plate Official announcements of the Carnival of Campeche, as another activity that it seeks only to promote and reintegrate social activities, such as sports.

Doron Martinez explained that the Carrera Color 5K Run will take place under the traditional Pintadera Tuesday of the Campeche Carnival on February 21 at 8 am, with a 5-kilometer route on a 2.5-kilometer circuit. City Pass, where there will be four stops where participants will find music, colors and family fun, and at the end of the tour at the Ah Kim Pech Forum, there will be a cloud of colors with music from guest DJs.

Registration is now open and can be done at Bowl Campeche, Xtreme Jumping in Plaza Galerías, Rodé Gymnasium and on the TuTicket page at a cost of 170 pesos, which includes a commemorative jersey, participant number and colored bags.

The start will be sharp at 8 am at the Ah Kim Pech Forum, which is where the finish line will be as well.

Javier Aguilar Díaz invited the public to participate in this entertaining activity that is combined with the pintadera tradition, but within a sporting framework, there are no classes and children from 5 years old to the elderly can register.

He indicated that before the start of the shot, there would be a physical activation and warm-up by the promoters of the Sub-Directorate of Sports and asked to pay attention to the official networks of the Campeche Mayor’s Office as more sporting events for the year would be announced.

Finally, they commented that at the end of the 5K Color Race and DJ Festival for Ah Kim Pech Forum Participants, the traditional Pintadera will begin at 3pm for all audiences with the “Wonder of Mexico”, the Junior Klan group, with absolutely free access.

The General Manager of Promotion and Social Engagement, Ariadna de Córdova Vega, also attended the presentation. Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Carlos Makosi Rodriguez, and Director, Promotion of Social and Human Development, Daniela Makosi Rodriguez.

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Editing: Estefania Cardina

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