Medical trainees who request vaccination are recognized


Monterey. – The Minister of Health of Nuevo León, Manuel de la Ou, said he was aware of the letter prepared by a group of: Medicine internsWhere they expressed their disapproval of not being included in the anti-virus vaccination strategy.

The state official indicated that he understands that they deserve to be vaccinated, and so do the entire population.

“Yes, I am aware of the message you mentioned from Medicine interns They want vaccines, and if they do not include them, they will not work in our institutions. ”

“I know the behavior of young people, and I respect him, and I help them whenever I can,” he said in a newspaper. “Many of them are children of God, and they deserve to be vaccinated, and of course they deserve to be vaccinated, like all New Leoneans.” conference.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health of Nuevo León stated that people studying the branch of medicine should have a profession and service.

He also commented that it is a dangerous profession.

“When you study medicine, you have a profession to serve, to help others, to serve, and even to risk your life to take care of the lives of others.

“It is a risk. We have a great profession, doctors and doctors, for me the best profession in the world. If I go back to studying something, I will go back to studying medicine,” he said.

De la O joined an invitation Medicine interns, To seek to include it in the anti-virus vaccination strategy.

On the other hand, he asked for their help to keep fighting the epidemic.

He said: “You have to look for a vaccine, but the vast majority of you are young men, and you do not have joint morbidity, and you have to help, and today we are at war.”

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