Medical, veterinary and animal husbandry students succeed in badminton – Mexico’s modernization

Medical, veterinary and animal husbandry students succeed in badminton – Mexico’s modernization

Andrea Angel and Gerardo Saavedra, students of these colleges, were crowned undefeated in their branch at the 2022 Universiade.

Andrea Angel Salazar, medical school student. Gerardo Saavedra Delgadillo, of the College of Veterinary Medicine and Pets, was crowned undefeated at the 2022 University Badminton Games, held in Fronton Cerrado, in Ciudad Universitaria, where student-athletes from various UNAM academic entities met last April 2.

The 22-year-old college student took first place in Group One, winning both her corresponding matches. In the quarter-finals, she beat Mariana Conde, of the College of Engineering, and later beat Daniela Torres, of Philosophy and Letters, in the semi-finals, before defeating Iran Sanchez, of Ennis Leon, in the final.

“This victory represents all the effort and all the sacrifices I have made in this sport. I am proud to represent the medical school, which has given me so much support in my career. My family, my coaching partners and my coaches have all supported me throughout this process,” said Angel Salazar.

With a career of 11 years in badminton, confinement to Covid was a difficult time for her, as she was not able to train as usual. When he returned to confrontational style, he suffered a knee injury, however, nothing prevented him from reaching the top of the podium at these college games.

On the other hand, Gerardo Saavedra, 21, also took first place undefeated after defeating Ivan Campos, of Medical College, in the quarter-finals; Rodrigo Ojeda of Engineering in the semi-finals. And lastly, Jorge Rodriguez from the Department of Accounting and Management.

“The truth was a great experience because the first year I was going to represent UNAM, before the pandemic, I had the same result (1st place), and I wanted to repeat that feeling. Before confinement, I used to train every day, go to tournaments a lot, and now, Collecting wins again in the competition has become more difficult, but I feel a great deal of satisfaction,” Saavedra Delgadillo said.

One of the most important goals of Gerardo Saavedra in the current year 2022 is the establishment of the World Universities Championship, which will be held during the month of June. “I am very happy to represent UNAM, and to return a grain of sand for all you have given me, which is my education,” he said.

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