Science and Innovation allocates 2.3 million to three R&D and innovation business projects in Cuenca, Toledo and Ciudad Real – News from Castilla-La Mancha

CDTI, a body under the Ministry of Science and Innovation, has approved three R&D & I projects in Cuenca, Toledo and Ciudad Real, which amount to a total budget of 3,137,337.00 euros and will receive a contribution of 2,365,625,31 euros from the ministry.

Among the three funded projects were “Obtaining High-Pure Natural Tocopherol (Vitamin E) from Distillates of Vegetable Oil Deodorizing (DOD) and Concentrations of Tocopherol Obtained in DoD Processing with Ion Exchange Resins”, from Toledo Biología Natural Industrial SL, From the biotechnology sector, which has a total budget of 259,887 euros, it will receive aid of 175,111.86 euros.

As stated in a press release from the government delegation, the project “Establishment of a manufacturing center for the manufacture of PVC windows and doors”, by Ciudad Real, Nazan PVC SL, a subsidiary of the industrial sector, will also receive these funds, with a total budget of 2,553,165 euros, You will receive a contribution of €1,914,871.2.

The project “Development and characterization of almond husks as a source of insoluble fiber in poultry and swine feed”, a project of Granja Agas SA in Cuenca, of the Livestock Region, will receive €275.642.25 from CDTI for the development of this project with a total budget of €324,285.

In total, this month CDTI approved 111 new R+D+I projects with a global budget of €90.57 million, of which CDTI will allocate €66.40 million.

The number of operations approved by CDTI is 127 and all projects belong to the loan method. 121 companies are involved in the development of these projects, of which 48 companies receive funding from CDTI for the first time and 71 are small and medium enterprises. These companies have 393 people dedicated to the proposed goals.

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