The National Press Council invalidates the cut in the National Institute of Statistics for the year 2022 and orders the deputies to issue a new budget

The National Press Council invalidates the cut in the National Institute of Statistics for the year 2022 and orders the deputies to issue a new budget

noting that Parliament This year reduced by more than 26% the budget requested by the National Electoral Institute (INE(Without any reason, First Chamber of the Nation’s Supreme Court of Justice)SCJN) voided the INE budget, ordering federal MPs to issue a new budget within 30 days.

The Ministers of the First Chamber unanimously approved the repeal of the decree promulgating Union Expenditure Budget for him Fiscal year 2022 Published on November 29, 2021, specifically Article 13, Section 2, of Section 22.

Ministers voted Norma Lucia Peña, Jorge Mario Pardo Rebolido, Juan Luis Gonzalez Alcantara Karanka, Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mina and Margarita Rios.

Minister Ana Margherita Ríos Fratt, President of the First Chamber, has proposed that the case be referred to the Plenum of the Supreme Court of Justice. Supreme courtBut the rest of the ministers considered that the first chamber is competent to resolve the matter.

“The House of Representatives shall analyze and determine in open session, consistent with the National Electoral Institute’s draft expenditure budget for fiscal year 2022, within 30 business days from the date of notification,” the First Chamber ordered.

The highest court said that if permission for additional resources was deemed appropriate, then Parliament It shall take the necessary measures to effect an effective transfer of resources to that institute, or else, in the event that the decision is negative, provide a reinforced and technically strict explanation of its decision.

The first room explained that the fact that The process of removing the mandate of the elected President of the Republic For the 2018-2024 constitutional period, the resources of which were provided for exercise in the 2022 draft budget, cannot be sufficient reason for the House of Representatives to take a decision, in compliance with what it has ordered in this matter, to reject the originally requested resources. by the National Electoral Institute.

It is also established that although the House of Representatives has the exclusive power to amend the amount you originally requested INEIt was necessary to practice this by applying the enhanced motivation criterion that takes into account the objective and justified reasons for making the reduction. The above, since the budget independence of the independent constitutional bodies and, ultimately, the protection of the political-electoral rights of citizens are at stake.

It should be noted that the file Parliament in respite, so the court’s decision must be analyzed by the Political Coordination Council to determine whether to request a special period of sessions through the Standing Committee of the Federal Congress.

Most advisors INE I would have expected this ruling from the Court, so that in subsequent budgetary exercises, and in view of the 2023-2024 Federal elections involving the renewal of the Presidency of the Republic, there would be clarity on the resources to be made available to the Electoral College. To comply with its constitutional responsibility to organize elections.

“It was useful to defend the independence and powers of the National Institute of Statistics, as well as to appear before the National Press Council to demand the validity of the rule of law,” said Chancellor Sero Murayama.

On December 7, 2021, a National Electoral Institute foot in SCJN A constitutional controversy against the decree balancing the expenses of the Union for the fiscal year 2022 published on November 29 in the Official Gazette of the Union. In the said decree, the Chamber of Deputies decided, among other aspects, to apply a cut of 4,913 million pesos from the budget originally requested by the National Electoral Institute.

The Electoral College considered that the aforementioned reduction lacks any motive or justification in the budget decree, in addition to preventing it from fully exercising its constitutional powers, especially the practice of canceling the mandate that required the implementation of 3830 million weights. Outside.

“Thus, with the reduction, the House of Representatives left the National Electoral Institute without funds to fully comply with this obligation expressly set forth in the Magna Carta,” the Electoral College said at the time.

The INEIt included, in preparing its 2022 budget, an amount as a prudential budget, whether to implement de-authorization or to conduct a new public consultation.

They postponed the decision to lift the immunity of Cabeza de Vaca

The first chamber of the nation’s Supreme Court of Justice has postponed its decision on whether removing immunity from Tamaulipas governor Francisco Javier García Cabeza de Vaca is constitutional. And the Republic Day (FGR) for organized crime and money laundering.

In the list of cases before the First Chamber, under the presentation of Minister Juan Luis González Alcantara Karanka, the Amparo 50/2021 and 70/2021 reviews promoted by the Tamaulipas Congress against the Chamber’s Trial of Immunity are planned. and arrest warrants for the head of state. However, matters were withdrawn on the instructions of the Minister.

It should be noted that in the first decision, the Supreme Council of Journalists decided that the federal authorities could carry out certain criminal proceedings against Garcia “as soon as the public servant ends his position” this year.

In May 2021, at the request of the FGR, Federal Judge Iván Aarón Zeferín of the Federal Center for Criminal Justice in Almoloya, State of Mexico, issued an arrest warrant against Governor García Cabeza de Vaca, accused of organized crime offenses and operations with resources from an illicit source. In addition, the FIU, separately, ordered the freezing of their bank accounts.

It was a new indictment by the FGR against the state chief based on information from the US Department of Justice about his possible involvement – and some of his brothers – in money laundering and organized crime.

The FGR first requested in February 2021 the arrest of the Tamaulipas chief executive, by asking the House of Representatives his immunity from organized crime offenses, money laundering and tax fraud. (Jorge Monroy)

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