Melania Trump’s souvenir auction


Former US First Lady Melania Trump just announced A charity auction of your memories as you pass the White House, With her husband, Donald Trump.

Among the things that Melania Trump decided to put up for public sale, she really is Hervey Pierre classic hat, which has been known to appear in many presentations.

Melania Trump’s auction, called head of state group, It will start with 250 thousand US dollars in Solana cryptocurrencyBids will be accepted from January 11-25.

From the list of articles also stand out Watercolor for his eyes and NFT (Non-replaceable code, or a form of cryptography) to commemorate French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the United States in 2018.

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Notably, the most coveted item is the wide-brimmed hat by Herve Pierre, which Melania has captivatedly worn during countless official visits.

Mr. Pierre designed Mrs. Trump’s dress During her husband and I worked as a designer for itAdvisor during the presidency. Indeed, Mrs. Trump’s iconic wide hat has captured the attention of the media around the world,” said the auction statement, which was issued by press reports.

regarding A watercolor with his eyes, drawn by the French artist Marc Antoine Colon The accompanying NFT complements the range of items for sale that promise to be personally signed by the then First Lady.

According to another Transfer, “A portion of the proceeds from this auction will provide adopted children with access to computer and technology education.”

It should be noted that the end of 2021, we realized Melania Trump finished the launch of her NFT, which included a digital watercolor drawing of her “cobalt blue eyes,” and an audio recording of Michelle Obama.

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