Alina MacLeod in Santa Marta: Ukrainian YouTuber cried as she talked about attempted robbery in Santa Marta | trends


Alina McLeod He is a Ukrainian YouTuber who grew up in Canada and was recently counted Ring lives in the city of Santa Marta.

The woman traveled to the city Santa Marta For the December holidays, but He got an unpleasant episode due to an attempt to redo theft.

The woman claims to have found, On his December 31 tour of El Rodadero, the silk shop where he decided to take some pictures for your social networks.

after minutes, A taxi stopped next to her and the driver asked her to come in. The woman simply thought so The driver wanted to get money from her, But nothing out of the ordinary for a tourist.

After traveling a few meters He realized it was a robbery, as someone else was following in his footsteps.

“I heard someone behind me, I turned and saw this little boy, I don’t know how old I am (…) I can feel bad feelings. I don’t know what he said to me, but as soon as I saw him and he said something I started running towards him, Something I guess he didn’t expect because I guess I expected it to go in the opposite direction,” The woman said.

Continuing to run, the woman quickly found a bus she had boarded: I literally jumped on the busHe pointed at me and I thought he was going to shoot.”

ukrainian video, He stated that he considered ending his trip, but decided to continue his tour in different Colombian cities.

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