Melissa Alvarado, Honduran, Argentine film producer


TegucigalpaAnd Honduras. Melissa Alvarado, a Honduras who lives in argentina, Stand out as a film producer and fashion designer.

In that country, from which many famous athletes, artists and more famous personalities have grown up, Alvarado shows his great talent in the performing arts and is now an essential part of the film «IAnd traitor“, Which It premiered on January 6th.

Likewise, talented Honduras stands out for being a part of Fashion world in Argentina. She has her own fashion brand called «Making history through love«. His designs are inspired by the line of shows (parties and conferences). Alvarado undoubtedly raises the country’s name with five stars.

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Some clothing styles designed by Alvarado.

About Melissa Alvarado

Melissa Alvarado was born in Tegucigalpa and graduated from UNITEC with a degree in Marketing and International Business. From a young age, her love for art taught her, but she focused directly on the cinematic medium in terms of production at the age of 28. She is currently 33 years old and she has been able to fulfill her dream by being a co-producer in this film.

I feel very proud behind this Produce There is a great team. Melissa Alvarado told the magazine that this movie has affected me so much, this project has taken me places I never thought I could go.” Honduras Tips.

Melissa Alvarado’s participation in the movie “IAnd traitorIt seems like a dream, because she always tells the people around her about her interest in making a movie.

He started collaborating with reps from others Countries Months later, he received a call from a friend who called him Samuel Nascimento. Submit it to Rodrigo EnglerShe is a well-known Argentinean filmmaker. After that, Chemistry appeared to be a part of the film as a co-producer.

“I’m a traitor”

is being Movie It lasts for 105 minutes in which you will find inspiration, love and reflection without neglecting the quality of each direction. It was registered in Argentina, there are beautiful colors from Córdoba and Patagonia, and part of it is also registered in the United States.

The cast that made this production is exceptional, with So many talentsPassion experience. “They are wonderful people not only in the artistic aspect but also in the human warmth. I am talking about: Mariano Martinez, Jorge Marali, Osvaldo Santoro, Arturo Puig, Mercedes Lamber, Sergio Soraco, Francisco Cataldi”, Alvarado said.

Honduran victories in Argentina
Alvarado was a key part of the development of this film.

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