Mexican softball player appears in the movie Jackass Forever


The Mexican softball team lost all three games it played in the 2021 Olympics. However, one of the team members has reason to smile, as she will appear in the film ass forever.

The next installment of Jackass Forever already has the official trailer, where the bowler is noticed ملاحظة Daniel O’Toole Trejo, who is he like represent Mexico.

Daniel O’Toole Trejo’s reaction

As everyone is asking… yeah, that’s me in the new movie Jackass Forever. Trailer is available. Yes I hit him. He took it like a hero. Yes, tonight we have our first Olympics, Viva México,” O’Toole said on his Twitter account, confirming the news.

In the message shared by the member of the national softball team that is competing in the 2021 Olympics, there is a scene in which she delivered fast ball A member of the Al-Zahr Al-Hamra team goes straight to the soft points.

In the matches played in Tokyo 2021 so far, the women’s softball team lost to Canada (4-0), Japan (3-2) and the United States (2-0).

The competitors still facing the Nationals at the Olympics are Italy NS Australia.


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