Mexico and the United States are smiling


This Sunday from the National Stadium Independence Park, the Jamaica national team It was received Canada Within the framework of the fifth day of the final octagon opposite to CONCACAF Qualifiers heading to World Cup Qatar 2022. At the meeting left for duty, Finally the equality was from 0 to 0, a result that makes many smiles.

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The The Caribbean combined Came to this meeting in Last place on the leaderboardWith only one point out of a possible 12, and despite being nearly eliminated from the upcoming World Cup, he was challenged to get the three points to keep his hopes minimal. These are from maple leafOn the other hand, they reached the third place after obtaining the A valuable draw with Mexico at the Azteca stadiumSo a victory will allow them to stay on top.

In the first half the North American side had the ball control, but that didn’t translate into a lot of serious business. While the few scoring chances occurred in a balanced fashion in the first minutes, over time The show became clumsy and with a lot of strong legs, to finish zero after the first 45 minutes.

In addition, Jamaica had two very clear opportunities to move forward on the scoreboard, one of which is a Junior Flemings’ Header to the Right Post. Canadians also had their head skewed from Stephen Ostacho from the middle of the region. but Finally he went from 0 to 0 and distributed the points.

With this result, teams like Mexico and the United States are smiling as they battle for the top spots. Even more so think about the defeat of the United States at the hands of Panama, which snatched third place from Maple Leaf.

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