Mexico-USA match, the most experienced team against the most valuable


Tonight Mexico s United State They will play the most important game of recent years. beyond the title The League of Nations In the middle, both teams will clash with two different projects: the most experienced versus the most valuable.

on one hand MexicoDistrict Champion CONCACAF, Has a mature staff with touring world cups, While Americans today boast the most expensive labor force in the United States The League of Nationsvalued at more than $300 million.

Mexico It is the second most valuable selection in the competition, with a value of $230 million, according to figures from the Trasnfermarket portal.

Much has been said about the new American generation Christian Pulisic, Footballer Chelsea A brand new champion EuropeAs well as the lack of presence of Mexican players in the old continent.

After tonight in Denver, these are from Martino They will try to impose their hierarchy and path on the gems that the US team has polished into the best leagues in the world.

It should be noted that 11 of the players are registered in The League of Nations to Gerardo Martino They have already been at the World Cup at least once.

Meanwhile, the Americans have just begun a successful rebuilding phase, with none of their players attending the World Cup, with the majority even playing only their first official tournament with Senior selection.

Hence the importance of tonight’s result, as it can determine the path for who will be the king of the region in the face of Qatar 2022.

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Most Valuable Players in the Tournament

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