Mexico will not be the hero of the protests, says AMLO at Summit of the Americas – El Financiero

Mexico will not be the hero of the protests, says AMLO at Summit of the Americas – El Financiero

This was confirmed by President Lopez Obrador Won’t lead a mass protest Against the Summit of the Americas if the request to invite all countries without exception is not fulfilled.

“It is the decision of each individual, independent, sovereign, each one to decide, we We will not act in a pioneering manner‘,” he commented on Friday.

The president indicated that his government will not ask for the support of other countries regarding his decision, but rather, “everyone assumes what he deems most appropriate, but we hope and yes that we will all meet,” he said.

Countries support AMLO

AMLO’s statement came after several Latin American countries supported the insistence not to attend the summit if the United States declined the invitation to attend the summit. Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Days after Obrador announced his possible absence, leaders of other countries began to declare their support for the president.

In Bolivia, the president Luis Alberto Ars He followed in Tabascan’s footsteps and threatened that he would not attend the event if countries were excluded.

In keeping with the principles and values ​​of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, I reiterate that the Summit of the Americas excludes the countries of America It won’t be a full summit of the Americas“If the exclusion of brotherly countries continues, I will not participate in it,” he wrote on social media.

The leader in Honduras, Xiumara Castro de Zelayastated that if not all countries were present at the meeting to be held in Los Angeles, it could not be called the “Summit of the Americas”.

If not all nations were here, not the top of the Americas. “The best study for an American is America” #JoséCeciliodelValle‘, posted on Twitter.

The President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, was not so violent as he confirmed his attendance, but also asked for a warning to all Latin American countries.

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