Mexico’s shadow on top of the Americas remains after meeting with the United States

Mexico’s shadow on top of the Americas remains after meeting with the United States

The shadow of the Mexican president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorwas created in top of the americas for the supposed absence of CubaAnd Nicaragua s Venezuela He stayed after meeting with Christopher Dodd, special advisor to White House for this event.

After the virtual meeting FM Marcelo Ebrard mentioned that Lopez Obrador Dodd addressed, “Invite all the countries of the continent without exclusion anyone”, but faced questions from the press about Opening From the United States to invite these countries.

“There is interest because otherwise there would not have been this talk. I see it as positive, I am optimistic and we should start talking,” he said. Ebrard For the media outside National PalaceWhere is Ken Salazar ambassador United State at Mexico.

secretary Foreign relations He was told to “expect” a response from Joe Biden’s government to the request Lopez Obrador To call all countries, estimating that he can answer in the “next few hours or days”.

As Senator (former) Dodd explained why Importance (The summit) for President Biden and his views, and we will be maintaining that dialogue for the next few hours and days, which seems to me to be very constructive and on a very good basis.” Video.

waterfall effect

The meeting, which was scheduled in person but was hypothetical due to the COVID-19 worm infection, raised expectations because President Mexico He sparked controversy by announcing that he would not go to the summit from June 6-10 in Los Angeles, if the United States did not invite CubaAnd Nicaragua s Venezuela.

This position of non-participation has been supported by Bolivia and Caribbean Community (Caricom) countries, while other governments, such as the Government of ArgentinaAnd Honduras s Chili pepper They have responded to Lopez Obrador’s criticism, albeit not withdrawing their help.

Moreover, the chief GuatemalaAlejandro Giamatti announced that he would not attend the event due to criticism from the United States of the appointment of Attorney General Consuelo Porras for another four years, accused of corruption by Washington.

“I have this dream in Angels Let us all unite, and they share this view, because it is not just our view, other peoples, other governments,” he said. Lopez Obrador At his morning press conference this Wednesday.

The analyst explained that despite the fact that there is no direct relationship between these absences, this illustrates the importance of Mexico’s place in Latin America. William Jensenis affiliated with the Mexican Council for International Affairs (Comexi).

“Decision of the President of Mexico, who wanted to take office Leadership In the region, it can be interpreted as a signal to other countries to give themselves permission to miss the invitation of the United States,” said the international political scientist.

US leadership

Although so far United State The US ambassador did not comment on the meeting on Tuesday, saying, “On the part of the United States, it is very important that Mexico participate.”

“You might ask why we pay so much attention Mexico“This is because the Summit of the Americas requires Mexico to be there with its leadership,” he said at a media event in the state of Mexico.

The Biden administration, which will measure its popularity in the midterm elections in November, needs to summit Jensen said the Americas have succeeded in demonstrating the power of foreign policy.

“But Biden in a complicated situation because it is true that there are groups, especially in Florida, that would be highly critical of the existence of Cuba s Venezuelaespecially given the large number of exiles from those countries,” the Comexi colleague noted.

While, Lopez Obrador argued that his location “It is not a desire for confrontation,” but a call for the United States to take advantage of the “opportunity” it presents summit To start a “new policy” toward America.

“I think the president who can start this new phase, becomes the engine of this new policy in USA“It’s President Biden,” said the Mexican president.

Lopez Obrador s Worms The foreign minister added that they also discussed “the opportunities that this summit represents for the entire American continent.”

Among the contents of the meeting in CaliforniaAnd Ebrard Announced labor movement, healthy action plan to avoid a new pandemic, economic recovery and supply chains across USA.

With information from EFE

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