The couple tries to imitate the scene of the Titanic and their friend drowns

The couple was drunk. Photo: Getty Images / Caption

a The couple tried to recreate the scene from the movie “Titanic”. When the Ansar jack rose They approach the edge of the boat and say “I’m flying”However, they fell into the water.

According to local media, the couple, originally from Turkey, She was drunk and approached the edge of her boat To recreate this part of the movie “Titanic”.

A couple recreates a scene from the movie Titanic; Boyfriend does not live

Funkar Ciftci and Mine Dinar, both 23 years old, They couldn’t control their drunkenness When they tried to do the scene “I’m flying”.

Fortunately, the authorities They were able to help them right awayhowever, The groom did not survive.

expert diving team He recalled that when they came to save her boyfriend, he was already lifeless.

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