Mickey Mouse viral cake baker responds to complaint

Mickey Mouse viral cake baker responds to complaint

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Recently, a viral video was posted showing a man from Colombia showing a cake Mickey Mousewhich he described as “vulgar” due to its lack of resemblance to the model he requested.

Now the actor Rafael Caparroso was in charge of going to meet the confectioner behind the product that went viral. In the clip posted on his Instagram account, Raphael shows where Mars makes its products, which she learned to make experimentally with her family and without any kind of professional instruction..

The woman tells that at the age of nineteen, when she had just given birth by caesarean section, she was unable to walk, and began to make biscuits and cakes; But he began to sell them even later.

I made the pudding (cake), but I had to go out at that moment but I already left everything,” he says. My daughter, who is not a pastry chef, because she saw that I was having a long time, she was going to help my mother and when I got here I had already covered the pudding“.

He also said he returned the money to the plaintiff. But the video continued to spread on social media, which seemed insulting to his work since he corrected his dissatisfied client.

I gave him his money but later realized the video was circulating. That’s what bothered me, it’s such a humiliating thing; Everyone comments without really knowing what happened‘, denounced.

To compensate, the same user awarded him a diploma in Chef Caparroso’s school, where he stated that he would learn more about how to make cakes and assured him that he would receive more customers.


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