Millionaire grandfather bequeaths 900 pesos to his granddaughters

Millionaire grandfather bequeaths 900 pesos to his granddaughters

The issue of inheritance often unleashes problems and division in families, whether the deceased person did not leave a written estate or the heirs are dissatisfied.

This is what happened with Frederick wing, A man who lived in the Ealing neighborhood in London, United States. The 91-year-old grandfather died in 2020, and then he made the decision to change his will, and he had every right to do so, according to what he said. woman.

Ex-soldier hair “Disappointed” and “hurt” With the daughters of his late son, Fred Jr., due to his hospitalization three times due to lung disease, None of his granddaughters came to visit himaccording to the broker Email online.

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For this reason, the grandfather decided to leave almost all of his fortune, including an apartment valued at 450 thousand euros (about 8.3 million Mexican pesos), to his children Terry Ward and Susan Wiltshire, He left 50 euros to Fred Jr.'s daughters (about 900 pesos).

Ex-soldier Ward's granddaughters: Carol Going, Angela St. Marseille, Amanda Higginbotham, Christine Ward, and Janet Pitt, daughters of the deceased Fred Jr., went to claim the portion of the will that corresponded to them, but when they found out about their portion, a dispute ensued, a major family dispute, according to Online mail.

Since Grandpa's granddaughters claimed they were entitled to a third of the veteran's fortune that belonged to their late father and that their Uncle Terry and Aunt Susan had “unjustifiably affected” Regarding the decisions of his grandfather’s estate, according to what was reported by GBN News.

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Judge Master James Brightwell, of the High Court in London, told them that their grandfather's decision was entirely rational, bearing in mind that the five women had 'Communication is very limited' With their grandfather, who felt “disappointed” in them, according to what he said Online mail.

The judge concluded that he could “understand the plaintiffs' disappointment at being fundamentally excluded”, but that former soldier Frederick Ward's decision was “reasonable”.

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